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Sonologue offers a bouquet of workshops for all levels and set ups. You supply the idea; we help you get it out to the world.

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If you’ve got an idea or a story, we can help you figure out the process, how to design engaging content, what it takes to record, how to edit and produce as well as how to market and distribute an engaging, informative podcast. Individuals, NGO’s, corporates, media professionals and media houses, students, and story tellers from other media, everyone is welcome!

Talk to us, we’ll either share some existing modules (Creating a branded corporate podcasts, Writing for the Ear, Editing Basics, Narrative and Features Podcasts) or develop one for you. From a two-hour onboarding session for an organization’s corporate communications team to two weeks for journalism students, we’ve got you covered.

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Podcasting from beginner to Mastery

Topics Covered in Workshops

Since 2011, Sonologue has conducted bespoke trainings for various clients across India, including communications students, journalists, NGO’s, and consulting firms. 



Podcasting 101

Creating and launching a great podcast from the very beginning. 


Understanding Podcasts

Recognizing the roles, processes and best practices of podcasting.

Branded Podcasts

Discerning why and how corporates should podcast.



Mastering interviewing techniques and field recording.


Audio Storytelling

Audio storytelling and case study archival oral traditions

Production Basics

Learning elementary production and editing techniques


Podcasting 1 on 1

Critiquing and finessing existing podcasts


Podcasting for Journalists

Understanding the benefits of podcasting for journalists from other media.


Features and Naratives

Mastering how to create feature and narrative podcasts.

Producing for the Ear

Interviewing, writing and scripting for the ear.

Podcasting for Social Enterprises

Learning the benefits of podcasting for social enterprises and development professionals.


Developing an episode from start to finish

Why take a workshop?

Since 2011, Chhavi has been conducting regular workshops for individuals, colleges, corporates, as well as NGO’s. She also runs a popular 4-hour crash course in a different city every month.

For organizations and journalists, she has sessions that go from two hours to two weeks. Over the years, she has done hands-on workshops for media organizations like Malayala Manorama, Harappa Education, The Quint, specialized day-long workshops on making audio features and narrative podcasts for cultural organization like the Goethe Zentrum, full day workshops on writing for the ear (since podcast scripting is vastly different from web or video copy) as well as the basics of editing for working journalists. For grad students at the Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication at the University of, she has done two-week long intensive workshops where she mentored them through the process of making broadcast-ready features.

These classes can be for four individuals or 25 and can be customized to focus on any or every aspect of production — from concept, conducting interviews, writing and scripting, to technical issues like field or lond distance recording, editing, and mixing as well as logistics and distribution.


Anyone with a story, an opinion, subject matter expertise, or a voice is the perfect candidate for one of our workshops. Our attendees include: journalists, social scientists, HR consultants, corporates, not-for-profits, national and international media houses, communications colleges, journalism/broadcasting/BMM students, cultural organizations, as well as individuals who are passionate about sharing expertise, opinions, or stories. We’re happy to customize the podcasting workshop for your needs, from one day to two weeks, for kids, and adults, brands, and organizations. Contact us and we’ll make it happen for you, too. Talk to us, we’ll either share some existing modules (Creating a branded corporate podcasts, Writing for the Ear, Editing Basics, Narrative and Features Podcasts) or develop one for you. From a two-hour onboarding session for an organization’s corporate communications team to two weeks for journalism students, we’ve got you covered.

What Workshop Participants Say

Podcasting 101 was a comprehensive self-starter workshop, that came in at a ripe time when I was researching the medium. I felt fully equipped post the workshop and was successfully able to launch “IndiaBiospeaks“, a science communication podcast with the support of my team at IndiaBioscience. I learnt about content building, radio manners, delivery, recording, mixing, publishing and distribution, as well as how to build consistency and sustain the effort in the long term. I highly recommend this, and Chhavi is a superb coach and my go to Guru for anything podcast! 

Lakshmi Ganesan, PhD

Programme Director, IndiaBioscience

Having participated in the last (and first) batch, I can for it being as enjoyable as it was instructive. Chhavi Sachdev is very generous with her teaching, but what set this course apart for me was how generous she was with sharing her hard-earned insights and tips-n-tricks. It’s reassuring to see professionals so secure with their accomplishments that they freely share and encourage ‘competition’.

Manan Sonal Dhuldhoya

Author and journalist

During March 2019, about 10 participants of Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad took part in Chhavi Sachdev’s workshop on Podcasting with Sonologue. The participants were a mix of completely naive yet enthusiastic lot to informed and trained Mass comm. students and lecturers. Chhavi managed to keep all of us completely glued to the entire workshop. A hands-on approach to recording, planning of the distribution of informative handouts, interactive hearing sessions and a couple of laughs are all an intricate part of this fun workshop. Chhavi was efficient, time bound and highly organised in her presentation and conducting the workshop. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who would like to explore the world of podcasting.

Jyothi Bezawada

Programme Coordinator, Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad

I attended a mini-workshop by Chhavi last year, just around the time that I was recording my first podcast series. I found her workshop to be well-structured and effective. Her insights, born out of her first-hand experiences in podcasting and journalism, were rich and helpful. The notes that she gave out continue to act as points of reference for me. I would certainly recommend her workshops.

Kunal Rajnikant Purohit

Journalist, Researcher, Producer, Night Shift Podcast

If the podcast industry is new for India, the thought of a podcast workshop is a novelty! And yet, Chhavi’s workshop was well thought out explaining the basics of what is needed to set up one’s own podcast, the right mix of practical exercise and things to know. A sequel is in order, Chhavi!

Vasanthi Hariprakash


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