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Everyone loves Sonologue, but probably not everyone loves this cheesy text.

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Podcast Away

Thinking of creating your own podcast? Attend this workshop tailor-made for just that. The four-hour long session will cover basics like various podcasting formats and hosting ideas, planning a podcast, getting the right equipment on a budget, along with recording and editing techniques and radio manners.

My Nation

This podcast is a love letter to India from Canada

Justin Bieber, maple syrup and ice hockey are just a few things that make Canada one of the popular destinations in many Indian itineraries. Now, the Consulate General of Canada in Mumbai is all set to cement the Indo-Canadian relationship with the first season of its podcast The Canada in India Show.

The Indian Express

As Podcasts vie for ear space, these pioneers hope to change what we hear

Chhavi Sachdev, the second-most experienced podcaster in India, says radio here was so “insulting” and podcasting was the “only way to lift the audio industry”. Sachdev started her journey in 2008 with Sonologue, an audio production house specialising in podcasts and spoken word content and now takes workshops to educate people about the industry.


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